Something For Everyone!

I’ve been away for a week, and oh my how information piles up. So there are a number of interesting things that have crossed my email and desk in the last week that I thought some or all of you might be interested in.

First up, for those interested in local foods and agricultural issues, this website has an interesting audio interview with Jeffrey Smith on genetically engineered crops.

Second, since we are in the climate of possible “extra seasonal help,” for those types of businesses who do the bulk of their work in the nice weather (can’t say we’ve had much of that in Pennsylvania…) there is tax information readily available on how to treat seasonal workers. You can find it here.

Third, beginning in late 2009, the IRS will be focusing on employment taxes and will be auditing randomly selected businesses to see if they meet four standards for dealing with employment taxes. To read more, go here.

Now that I’ve caught up, I feel much better!

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