Why It’s Important to #ShopLocal not only on Small Business Saturday !

While Black Friday has a tendency to steal all the attention of overly-eager holiday shoppers, the Saturday following Thanksgiving can be just as exciting, and an even more convenient way of kick-starting one’s holiday gift-list spending. This year, Saturday, November 29th is Small Business Saturday. Though certainly not as well broadcasted or idolized as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to shop local and support small businesses that are a key component to local economies.

Though I personally never quite understood the hype of waking up early on the Friday following Thanksgiving to acquire a deal that one could probably, with some careful planning, snag at another date for a similar price, the nature of Small Business Saturday sounds like a far more appealing, and even more humanized, way to initiate one’s holiday spending.

Small Business Saturday acts as a day for local entrepreneurs to attract old and new business and allows locals to explore and learn more about the small businesses in their areas. Thus, it benefits both local entrepreneurs and local consumers alike.

One mustn’t underestimate the power of small businesses and the significant contribution and job creation they stimulate in a local economy. So before you get on the highway bound for a headache-inducing shopping experience on Black Friday, pause, wait a day (until Saturday), and shop local. Your shopping experience will likely be far more pleasurable and your contributions far more meaningful. You may even discover a local gem that you have so foolishly overlooked amidst the dominance of big-name companies.

In addition to participating in Small Business Saturday, the Scranton area is initiating a Student Holiday Shop Hop on December 5th and 6th. This provides students with the opportunity to get added discounts by presenting their valid student IDs at a specified list of stores downtown. For more information visit scranton.edu/shoplocal .

Don’t just wait for special occasions to roll around; every day is a good day to shop local.


Larissa Hoffmann
University of Scranton
Kania School of Management
Women’s Entrepreneurial Center

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