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What would you do if a Disaster Strikes?

A disaster can strike anytime, anywhere.  The key to overcoming the after effects is to be prepared.  This means both individuals and businesses.

Be prepared.  That’s your best defense when thinking about what to do in a disaster.  Last month , Donna Simpson of The University of Scranton SBDC traveled to Los Angeles as a chaperone to University of Scranton students volunteering at Home Boy Industries. On our first day we were awoken by the shake and rattle of an earthquake. As they shared their stories, she realized not one of them had even considered they might experience an earthquake while in LA.  Of the seven of them, 2 looked out the window, 3 slept right through it and the rest just sat in their rooms not doing a thing.  After all was said and done, had this been a larger event, nothing they did would have saved them from potential injury or worst.

Visit the SBA’s Learning Center at  to learn more about SBA’s disaster assistance programs.

Depending on your location, know your risks for natural disasters.  Visit for more information.  You have a lot to lose.  Protect it.


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