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Turn Your Hobby into a Small Business!

January is #NationalHobbyMonth and it is also the time when many people decide they want to turn their current hobby into a business.  Here are a few pointers from the SBDC staff to see if making this move is the right one for you.

Ways to turn your hobby into a business:

  • Sell your craft, product, accessory, etc. to the public or to enthusiasts in your hobby. (if you are a wine enthusiast, you might import hand-blown wine glasses)
  • Repair, service or appraise to what you love (bike repair maintenance)
  • Teach others to do what your passion is (guitar lessons, art or cooking classes)

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Will you enjoy doing your hobby when you have to do it according to a deadline?
  • Are you really committed to this hobby?
  • Can you sell “yourself” or the things you create?

First Steps:

  • Learn which permits, licenses, rules and regulations are applicable to your proposed business.
  • Establish a separate checking account and keep good records
  • Think about developing a Business Plan
  • Understand what’s required to make a profit

The University of Scranton SBDC would like to thank the following businesses for participating in our segment today on WBRE-WYOU.


Hobby: Photography

Eugenia DePietro

Eugenia Photography

Hobby: Beer Brewing

Johnny Waering, Matt Zuk, and David Oakley

3 Guys & A Beer’d Brewing Company

Hobby: Mini Hats and Accessories

Aubrey McClintock

Business name: A Daily Obsession


Hobby: Vintage Fabric Creations/handbags

Meegan Possemato

Business Name: Vintage Meegan


Hobby: Popcorn/Baking

Reba Kolbec

Business name: Pittston Popcorn


Hobby: Pet Sitter

Katie Rogers

The Chipper Pet Sitter, LLC


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