What is search engine optimization, or SEO? Often it’s about making slight modifications to terms used on your website to increase traffic from search engines like Google.

Join us for this four-part series, as we provide easy tips and tricks to increase traffic to your website.

Keyword Research
Are you using vocabulary that is commonly known or too niche? Are you including your location? In this session, we will show you how to use the most effective keywords for your small business, how to use location-based terms to increase traffic, as well as some tools that will help you in this process.
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Small Business Blogging

Why is blogging important to a small business? Search engines favor recent information, so regular blog updates increase the likelihood of your information being seen. We will discuss this blogging, how it can be done easily, and how to enrich your posts with keywords to get more traction.
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What is backlinking? A backlink is a link that is created when one website links to another, for instance when your Google profile links to your small business website. The more sites that link to your page give your website relevance in search engines. In this session, we will discuss creating your brand online and the benefit of using the same information on all profiles, from social media to chambers of commerce to sites like Google and Yelp.
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Measuring Results

Postponed – details on the live and on-demand versions of this webinar will be shared when they are available.

You know what terms will get your website the most traction, your first blog post has been shared, and all of your profiles link back to your website. How do you know if this is all working? Are you actually getting more engagement on your website? In the fourth and final session of our search engine optimization series, we will give you the tools to measure these initiatives to show how it is paying off for your small business.