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Top 5 Reasons to #ShopSmall

We are getting excited for Small Business Saturday, November 26, 2016! With 5 days to go, we’ve come up with your Top 5 Reasons to #ShopSmall this holiday season:


Reason #5: Support your community

Small businesses are the backbone of our community. They support local charities and schools, donate to fundraisers and events, and take care of our local people. So don’t drive on by to go to the big box store this holiday season – support the people who support your community!

Reason #4: Find treasures and items you can’t find anywhere else

There are so many unique, often handmade products and items to choose from when you shop local. And remember, small business owners take a lot of time to consider the needs and wants of their local customers – that’s you!

Reason #3: Run into neighbors and friends

Who doesn’t want to be part of an old-fashioned movie, where everyone is full of holiday cheer and greetings as they go about their errands? Sure beats having strangers ramming into you with their shopping carts or cutting you off in the parking lot!

Reason #2: Small business owners are great people…and you get to help them pursue their dreams while meeting your needs

Small business owners are passionate about what they do and can be an incredible source of help, beyond just offering products & services. And this is your chance to make a difference by helping people fulfill their dreams of owning a business…which is not easy, by the way!

Reason #1: Keep your money in the local economy

Pennsylvania is home to nearly 1 million small businesses, and employs 2.4 million individuals or about half (46.9 percent) of the state’s private workforce. Small businesses play a vital role in Pennsylvania’s economy — accounting for 98.2 percent of businesses in the state — and their impact is evident across a variety of business sectors, ranging from professional services to retail, construction, and health care to manufacturing, education, and more.

Make an impact on your local economy by choosing to buy from independent locally-owned and operated businesses this holiday season!

Help us support the awesome small businesses in our area and #ShopSmall this Saturday, November 26!

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