‘Tis the season to shop locally!

No matter where your local is, shopping there is important.  Shopping locally simply makes sense. Every time money is spent, someone local benefits directly and communities grow stronger.

I recently read an ironic story about a woman who did all her shopping online to avoid paying sales tax while her husband, who is employed by the State, was in danger of losing his job because of decreased tax revenues.

Leslie Collins, Executive Director of Scranton Tomorrow says, “We encourage everyone to visit downtown Scranton this holiday season for eclectic shopping, dining and holiday activities. Shopping locally is a great way to support the small, independent businesses that are the backbone of our community.”  I totally agree.

So, with the biggest shopping season upon us, get out there and shop your “local.” You’ll support employment and your community, find unique offerings and even meet up with friends and neighbors.

For details on shops in Scranton visit: www.scranton.edu/shoplocal.

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