Time to Be Like “Nike” … and Just Do It!

In my 18 + years at the SBDC, women’s programming efforts have become a passion of mine. I’m so inspired after attending the PA Conference for Women www.paconferenceforwomen.org and Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle Bootcamp  www.sparkandhustle.com in Philadelphia recently, that I have to share.  I can’t say enough good about the programs, from speakers like Gloria Steinem, Marion Jones to Tory Johnson and Liz Lange.  There were tips, tidbits and lessons for each and every attendee.  I want to share a few nuggets I thought were great.

IndieGoGo.com has a Customer Happiness department.  It sounds like I want to contact them just to catch their happiness buzz. They are tasked with making each and every customer who contacts them happy. Their website www.indigogo.com  tells us “Action speaks louder than words,” “don’t wait for perfect,” “share, share, share”… these are just a few of the mantras we live by. We’re a group of passionate results-driven team-players who are lucky to be able to call “helping people achieve their dreams” work.” What a great place to work.

My other favorite tidbit came from several speakers.  We tend to put some much on hold, waiting for more money, a bigger house, the right time. But is there ever a right time? It’s difficult finding that  “right time”,  so let’s follow Nike’s lead and “Just do it”!  If not now, then when.  We have to stop letting life pass us by and jump in with both feet.

So today go out and “Just do it!” no matter what your “it” is.

Donna J. Simpson
Consultant Manager
University of Scranton SBDC

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