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Step Into September: Start Your Business with The First Step Express Short Videos

Here at The University of Scranton Small Business Development Center, we understand that as an entrepreneur, starting your dream business comes with a filled to-do list. So, tuning into an hour-long webinar may have your mind wandering to your other unfinished tasks.

That’s why the SBDC created a more digestible and flexible version of our essential “The First Step Express: Starting Your Business” webinar. Move along from Business Plan Basics, all the way to Licenses, Permits, and Registrations at your own pace. This information can be mind-boggling at first glance. With this on-demand, short video series, you can sort through it piece by piece.

Here’s why the First Step Express Video Series is a perfect fit for your schedule:

  1. It’s ready when you are. No need to set aside time in your calendar for this webinar, just watch whenever you have the spare time.
  2. The videos are short and sweet. We all know minds start to wander after taking in a lot of information for an hour at a time. Each of these segments are 14 minutes or less, so you can take it step-by-step without becoming overwhelmed.
  3. You’re in control. Didn’t quite understand an aspect of a business plan? Rewind and listen again, and even again. Want to keep record of this important information? Pause and take some notes. Drained from learning so much at one time? Stop at the end of a short video and pick back up when you’re feeling eager to learn again.
  4. It’s free! The Scranton SBDC provides this webinar at no cost to you. How can you say no to free knowledge?
  5. It gets you on the right track for starting your dream business. Maybe that great idea is there, and it has you jumping up and down with excitement. Turn this dream into reality by learning about the first steps to get started and learning about what else the SBDC can do to help you along the way.
  6. Easy access. All you have to do is sign up and you’ll instantly receive a link to a private YouTube playlist containing this First Step series. You can watch in order or skip around to the ones that fit your needs.

Want to learn even more? Head to the Scranton SBDC training site to browse all the available upcoming & on-demand learning sessions.