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Spend Your Summer with the SBDC & On-Demand Training

Spend your Summer with the SBDC & On-Demand Training on Your Schedule! 

As August kicks off, wrapping up all those summer goals seems to fill your schedule. With on-demand webinars from The University of Scranton Small Business Development Center, you can gain useful knowledge that can attribute to your goals on various business topics at any time, even while completing your routine work tasks. These trainings cover a wide variety of topics like finance, food & agriculture, international business, marketing, social media, and more, all at no cost to you.

Here are the latest on-demand webinars added to our site:

TikTok 101 & 201 for Small Businesses

 Expand your social media, at your convenience

This training duo starts with a 30-minute, brief yet in-depth view of TikTok’s fast-growing platform. The “101” training session covers the basic on how to create your own short videos and the best ways to get these posts seen by your business’s target audience. After building a foundation of understanding around TikTok, the “201” training session provides a closer look. Topics including demographics, hashtags, and algorithms are explained by the SBDC staff.

So You Want to Start a Food Truck: Your Guide to Starting a Mobile Food Enterprise

 Mobile knowledge about mobile food

Dining has shifted its focus to safety and convenience, which has changed various aspects. Changes can be the spark of an innovative, new idea. This training session will help you find out if the mobile food business is right for you! Learn about financial management, people skills, creating an overall theme, and more. The best part: you can access this resource at the right time for your own schedule, no need to add to your busy calendar.

Social Media 101 for Food on the Move

 Grow your connections by tuning into these on-demand trainings

Social media is a great tool for business to stay up to date with their customers. Food trucks are constantly on the move, making appearances at new events in various locations. This makes it essential to stay connected and let customers know where your business is located. In this session, you will explore social media strategies for how to create a community, sealing a brand identity, choosing the most effective platforms, and more.  Take advantage of all social media has to offer for your food truck this summer, whenever and wherever it works for you.

The SBDC understands that your time as a small business owner is valuable…that’s why these no-cost, informative webinars are available to watch anytime, anywhere at your convenience. All these newly added on-demand trainings, and a categorized list of many more are available at the SBDC training site.