Social Media Quick Reference Guide

Ezine articles has a great one on social media, and we’d like to share some of the key points. To read the article in full, go here. Thanks to Keith Yurgosky, of the SBDC staff, for bringing it to my attention.

Many smaller companies have turned to social media networking in light of non-existent marketing dollars for some more conventional approaches. Instead of dropping off the face of the earth, networking through social mechanisms, has afforded an opportunity for small businesses to keep in touch with their clientele.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube seem to be the popular choices. If you have a web page, you can heighten its visibility by marketing it through using SMO (social media optimization) tools.

Blogging is another way to have your own personal views, events, news spotted across a wide variety of readers. Blogging affords you the opportunity to show who you are–your own personal views on what you have to offer, your image, your mission and message. By using “keywords” in your blogging efforts, you can tie into search engines and be picked up by customers looking for what you have to offer. Blogging is also interactive and allows those who read to offer comments. You can utilize small surveys as part of your blogging, picking up on key customer trends, wants, and ideas.

Just to illustrate, over the Easter Holiday my family elected me as chief-find-a-place-to-eat-out. Of course, I totally forgot about it until the very last minute when I was sure I would not be able to get a reservation. Facebook to the rescue! A local restaurant on Facebook sent me their Easter menu and easy access to reservations out of the blue. I called it “divine intervention” at the time, which was much better than facing my entire family’s wrath. Eleven of us trooped off to the dining establishment where we had a fantastic meal at an affordable price, and I was a super star. The restaurant now has quite a number of new customers (my family) and referrals based on our experience. Sure they have a website…but I didn’t even know who they were until they reached me on Facebook.

Don’t discount Social Media! Use it to your advantage.

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