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Pearls of Wisdom for the Passionate Woman Entrepreneur

Anyone familiar with how a pearl is created, knows each pearl is unique and rare, created individually over time. An oyster builds, layer by layer, around a simple piece of “grit,” a beautiful and valued gem.

Each of us as women entrepreneurs, have our own “grit.” Our grit fuels our passion and drive around which we add layers of our own experience and love, to become a unique and beautiful pearl of a business.

With over 25 years as a business owner, my business as a portrait photographer has evolved constantly. Today layers of passion for encouraging and empowering other women to find their inner grit, in business and in life, has brought my business to what it is today. It’s from my experiences-turned-lessons that I’ve created Pearls of Wisdom for Women Entrepreneurs. I’m thrilled to share a few with you here

        Competition IS good.

I know the simple thought can put a knot in your stomach. But competition keeps us from becoming complacent and bored.  While you should not compare yourself to the competition, it is important to know what your clients and target audience are seeing and responding to.

Always look to improve and evolve. Explore and test new ideas and new interests. Question your best clients and discover what can you do differently, better and uniquely “you.” This keeps your passion fresh and makes you an innovator, it keep the competition wondering what you will do next, and your clients intrigued.

        Make choices, not excuses.

It isn’t about the challenges and decisions we face daily as business owners, it’s how we respond.

My high school biology teacher referred to exams as “opportunities” to pass or fail. As a business owner, we can choose to be empowered and passionately rise up above difficult times and challenging situations, taking ownership of our own change. Or we can do nothing, play the victim, make excuses and allow things to happen to us.

No matter the situation make choices, not excuses.

        Implement a 24 hr rule for every decision.

Even the strongest business woman may find she tends to rely on “gut” feelings when it comes business decisions. We say yes then later wonder “what was I thinking?” This is something that took me a long time to learn.

The lure of promises of success and fortune that went with the purchase of software, that piece of equipment, a subscription to a learning program, or an advertising plan, were hard to resist. Only to later find out that no, it only assured the success (and fortune) of the person who collected your money. (If only someone had told me this years ago!). If someone is pressuring me and say they can’t wait that long, I tell them it will be an automatic “no.”

So for any decision, of any size or purpose, wait 24 hours. This will give time for the “shiny object” or “this seems like a great idea” feeling to settle down, assuring that it is a best “yes” for your business. Only YOU can look out for the best interest of your business.

Never stop learning and searching for ideas.

Don’t get stuck in an “I always did it that way” rut. Trends, your industry and your clients’ lifestyle & needs are always changing. So always be on the lookout for new ideas. Many will come from outside your industry and by meeting new people.

  • Join business groups and network with other businesses.
  • Join your industry’s professional organizations to network and stay on top of industry trends.
  • Look around on the internet.
  • Read everything.
  • Start an idea journal – electronic or a little notebook in your purse.

Even a vague idea that catches your attention today may be the catalyst for a unique idea later. This is what sets you apart

Most of allBe Passionate. Be relentless. Be bold. Push your boundaries and never, ever give up.

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