Opportunity for Technology Oriented Companies!

This opportunity came across my desk today. It is offered by The Technology Collaborative. If you have never received funding before, you may be eligible for up to $120,000. Read on.

Technical Scope: TTC is particularly interested in supporting short- to medium-term projects (6 to 12 months) that build on and extend Pennsylvania’s core technology competencies in areas of interest to its member firms. New product concepts resulting from this work may be further developed by these firms or marketed through the creation of a new commercial enterprise.
Examples of technical areas of interest to member companies include:

• Human-computer interface technologies – voice recognition, graphics interfaces, information visualization, etc.; interfaces between personal communication devices or other electronic appliances and the network infrastructure; rehabilitation or assistive-living applications of these technologies.
• Developments in next generation wired and wireless network systems that will interface among digital TV, home appliances, personal communication devices, and other electronic devices. New network and distribution technologies.
• Robotic technologies – Perception, vision & sensing; data fusion; mapping & navigation; positioning; collaborative/cooperative behavior; systems integration; intelligent mobile power; composite materials; new concept prototypes; rehabilitation or assistive-living applications of these technologies.
• Novel DSP/multi-core designs and implementations for advanced audio and video compression focused on improved quality and speed within existing bandwidth limitations; novel methods for real-time audio encryption and decryption, noise identification & suppression, and multi-speaker identification; Hardware/software for practical Voice over IP implementation; error resiliency and correction; video encoding performance monitoring; hardware versus software coding/decoding implementations.
• Cybersecurity – network tools, internet tools, information assurance, data protection, digital rights management, novel methods for real-time encryption and decryption, and related topics.
• Mobile systems and low power – new wired or wireless mobile data communication devices, mobile computing devices; RFID technologies and systems; core IPs for wired/wireless Internet access; low power hardware and software design and implementation; advanced mobile energy sources; rehabilitation or assistive-living applications of these technologies.
• Network Storage – devices, networking, security protocols, novel fault tolerance/redundancy methods, file systems and storage management for networked storage.
• Novel low power, low voltage (1.8 volts or less) analog circuit blocks for mixed signal integrated circuits, e.g. op amps, comparators, analog-to-digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, voltage references, and related topics.
• Advanced chip design methodologies and tools – novel design flows; HW/SW co-design environments and code encryption methods (e.g. FPGA/CPLD encoding protection); automated mixed signal design implementations; novel CAD environments for SoC and/or for bridging chip and MEMs device design.
• SoC-related MEMS – novel designs, design tools and methodologies, fabrication methods, prototypes, as applied in a VLSI context.

For more information and to download a copy of the RFP click here.

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