A new year is upon us, and many people are looking to finally start their dream business. How can you ensure that your New Year’s Resolution sticks?

Join The University of Scranton Small Business Development Center for a two-part series to help you get started on the path to business ownership.

How to Know if Your Business Idea Will Really Work

You have an idea for a new business but are wondering where to start. Is the idea worth pursuing? How can you tell if it is or isn’t? Maybe you don’t even have an idea, but know you want to start a business.

This session will help you develop a strong business idea by walking you through simple steps to determine if your idea is feasible and if not, how to make it better.

Steps covered will include:

  • Considering your business ideas  (What type of business do you want to start?)
  • Assessing your resources  (How much will this endeavor cost, both financially and in time spent?)
  • Reviewing industry regulations  (Every industry has them!)
  • Defining your target market  (Who are you going to sell to? Hint – it’s not everyone!)
  • Identifying your competitive advantage  (What do you have to offer that your competitors don’t?)
  • Writing a business plan  (Yes, it is important!)

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The First Step Express: Starting Your Business

Wednesday, 1/24/24 | 12:00 – 1:00 pm

This is the year you’ll start that business you’ve been dreaming about! Not sure where to begin? Let “The First Step Express: Starting Your Business” walk you through the process of establishing your business.

This one-hour webinar will help aspiring entrepreneurs begin the process of successful business ownership including a quick look at: 

  • Applications and licenses needed to start a business 
  • Different types of business structures (sole proprietorship, LLC, etc.) 
  • Business plan basics 
  • Financing options 
  • Available SBDC services to help you start your business

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