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Introducing the New Scranton SBDC Small Business Mobile App


Whether you are looking to start a business or grow an existing business, the new mobile app from The University of Scranton Small Business Development Center could be the next step for you. According to an article from the New York Daily News, when using a mobile phone, a person spend 88% of his or her time within an app and only uses a web browser 12% of the time. With the launch of its new mobile app, the SBDC hopes to reach those users who spend more of their time on smart phones or tablets than computers.

If you are looking to start a business, you can click on the tab “starting a business,” and the app will take you through a series of questions such as “Do you know how much it is going to cost to start your business,” or “Do you have the necessary skills to run a business?” Depending on your answers to the questions, the app will either bring you to helpful worksheets or websites provided by the SBDC, or it will allow you to email the SBDC to request free & confidential consultation from one of its professional business consultants. It also outlines and provides examples of the items needed to set up a preliminary meeting with a consultant, such as a Project Cost Sheet and a Business Plan Outline.

The mobile app can also help existing businesses. Simply click on the “Existing Business” tab and the app will guide you through a series of questions tailored to existing businesses looking for assistance with growing their business or addressing a problem. If you answer yes to any of theses questions, the app points you to various resources to help you move forward. After answering all of the questions, the app will allow you to send an email requesting free & confidential assistance from a one of the SBDC’s professional business consultants.

Even though you can still use the SBDC website to request consulting, there is a certain ease about using the app. It’s especially useful for those people who have a quick question and do not know where to find the answer. The app allows them access to SBDC documents and websites where they can find useful information. The app also has links to all of the SBDC’s social media pages, calendar of training events, and contact information, including driving directions to the office. In addition, there is an area where you can download the handouts if you recently attended an SBDC training program.

In addition to providing entrepreneurs with helpful information the app also gives the SBDC consultants a chance to get to know the user better before meeting him or her, and to determine the best course of action before their first meeting ensuring efficient use of everyone’s time.

Whether you are starting or growing a business, the SBDC’s new mobile app can be a useful tool to have in your back pocket in order to help your business succeed. To download the Scranton SBDC App visit .

olivialevine2Olivia Levine is an intern for Women’s Entrepreneurship Center at The University of Scranton Small Business Development Center. She is focused on assisting lower income women, those in transition or those trying to make a better life for themselves and their families.  

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