Interesting Links to Relevant Information

A lot of interesting links and information has come our way over the course of the last month. Instead of doing a separate blog on each, we thought we’d provide the links so you can read some other good blogs with topical discussions.

First, there’s 30 Top Objections to Social Media and How To Respond. Great article, and a good blog (Marketing Shindig) to keep on hand.

Here’s another great link/article: Where to Hang With Entrepreneurs Online, from Small Biz Trends. There are countless other links within this article, taking entrepreneurs to places on the Web which may be helpful and inspiring. Of particular interest is a Blog entitle “Bootstrap Business.”

So, just a quick reminder that there are many places on-line where aspiring entrepreneurs and those already in business can find a wealth of information. Thanks Keith, for the heads on the above sites!

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