Greenwashing…It’s not about laundry!

Well, maybe it is about laundry. It could be if you are buying a product you think may be environmentally friendly, or “green”, only to find out that it isn’t what it says it is.

TerraChoice Environmental Marketing Inc., in November of 2007, completed a study of products in North American consumer markets, and the environmental claims made by those companies with regard to their products. The results of the study were translated into TerraChoice’s “Six Sins of Greenwashing” and make for interesting reading.

Of the 1,018 products reviewed, only ONE came out actually meeting the claims it made.

As SBDC consultants–meeting with clients who may have products they are developing with claims of “all natural” or “earthfriendly”–it is important we advise our clients to be ethical about their marketing standards in terms of the “green” approach. 1,017 products calling wolf is a good example of marketing that is being stretched to capitalize on what is fast becoming a lucrative market niche, and eventually this dilution will cause the consumer to lose confidence in ALL green products, even those that meet their claims.

We encourage you to read the study: Pass it on!

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