FREE MONEY $$$$$$$$$ FOR SMALL BUSINESS: The Myth Lives On

Once in a while I stay up pretty late watching some old movie that I can’t seem to pass up. It’s during this late night venue that the commercials and ads often feature someone discussing their latest book on how to obtain “free money” from the government for starting a business, paying your household bills, etc.

I’ve always wondered: IF this free money exists, why isn’t the person in the infomercial getting some? Why do they have to sell a book?


Heck, if money were that easy to come by, I’d be out there myself signing up for it, and you’d find me vacationing in Tuscany rather than writing this Blog!


So, I’ve set out to find what is written about FREE MONEY and better educate you on that subject.


Here’s a good response by Business Week’s Karen Klein:
It’s a bit dated, but it still holds true today.


Business Week stepped up to the plate on this issue again in 2008, with the resulting response by Kerry Miller, definitively touching on my favorite question-mark-coated book author: Matthew Lesko, of late night running-around-the-capitol fame. has a great two part article on Government grants you may want to check out:


Hopefully, this will answer some of the questions you may have had on where to find all of this grant money that really does not exist. I just got a new kitten, and I forgot how often they run around in circles chasing their tail until they figure out it is attached to their body. Hopefully, this will save some of you from having to run around in those same circles looking for that ever popular, in late-night-ads and on-the-internet, free money myth.

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