Do What Makes You Happy!

Have you ever worked long and hard on something just because it was expected of you? I used to do that until I realized if I’m not happy, ain’t nobody gonna be happy in my world. I came to that realization when my youngest child was born and I wanted, no, needed time to myself to just relax.  I would cuddle her up, put her in the crib and whisper, “a relaxed mommy is a happy mommy and I know you would rather have a happy mommy. “Ok, agreed, I sound crazy, but it worked for me. I made time for what I wanted to do.  What’s wrong with that?

So why do we try to do things just to make others happy? Let me narrow my focus to work. I did a blind survey of my circle of female friends, colleagues and business owners and found 90% love their job.  My survey finds that it doesn’t matter if it’s your business or if you work for someone else.  They are a happy bunch.

I didn’t expect this much happiness when I decided to send out a survey, so I also asked, “What motivates you to get to work every day?” Here I thought money would be the top answer. Sure, it appeared in 30% of the responses, but the overwhelming answer was that we like to make a difference in the positions we hold that match and use our talents and interests.

In my opinion, if employers hire with a consciousness of an applicants’ feelings as well as skills and education, they are more likely to hire satisfied employees who are happy and productive members of their organization. I know this is easier said than done, but we have to start somewhere.

So, as we spring into March, let’s all try to work on being happy.

Donna J. Simpson
Consultant Manager
The University of Scranton SBDC

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