Can Exports Help You Weather the Storm?

By SBDC guest blogger Andrew G. Oppenheimer

From construction to commercial trucking, health care to hospitality, Hurricane Sandy hurt our region’s economy. The storm caused as much as $60 billion in damages. Of the roughly 1 million businesses impacted by it, 73% were classified as small businesses.

In Pennsylvania, flash floods and tropical storm winds left over 1.7 million utility customers without electricity, gas, or water services. In some cases, their restoration took more than a week.

In addition to the capital stock it damaged or destroyed, Hurricane Sandy interrupted business activity, preventing deliveries and product distribution, and bringing capital flows to a standstill.

Is your business diversified enough to weather costly service interruptions?

How can international trade help you?

On top of the financial benefits of expanding your business into new markets, building a network of international trade partners will spread your risk and sales potential beyond a single, local market.

Come learn more about international trade from your international team!

On Monday, September 22, 2014, from 8:00am- 4:00pm, at the Convention Center at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs, Wilkes-Barre, PA, 22 Trade Advisors from around the world will join us to discuss and offer guidance in international business development and sales.

A business will select and meet one-on-one in half hour sessions with the Trade Advisors to introduce their company’s products or services, discuss what they want to accomplish in the market, and identify available assistance. The Trade Advisors will provide the business insights into their selected markets, the products’ or services’ potential and the next steps that the business should take.

Last year, 31 Northeastern Pennsylvania businesses met with the Trade Advisors, resulting in 174 one-on-one meetings. A number of these businesses have generated sales from meeting with the Trade Advisors last year. Register today to build on their success!

This is a no cost event. Registration is required.

For additional information or to register, contact: Michael Horvath,, 866.758.1929 or 570.655.5581,

Mail registration: NEPA Alliance, 1151 Oak Street, Pittston, PA 18640, or Fax: 570-654-5137

Registration must be received by September 5, 2014

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