Hello, #BusinessTipTuesday! A little late is better than never, right? So today’s tip is about testing new markets with new products in your business, and to celebrate #NationalPopcornDay this week, January 19.
According to popcorn.org, “”Popability” is popcorn lingo that refers to the percentage of kernels that pop.” In your business, what is your “Popability” when it comes to percentage of a customer base which buys from you? How do you grow your “Popability” in the market? Think of “Popability” as a success level.
Mr. John Seeley, of Mill Street Treats, Sylvania, Bradford County, notes that when they first tried to market their popcorn flavors through a school fundraiser model, it flopped. He noted, “We were so disappointed [that] months went by… then we had a fundraiser from another school and BAM! …the kids found it easy to sell because the people liked it. …As word is getting around we are getting more fundraising projects.”
As a business consultant, I think John and I would agree on something – “Popability” isn’t something that is immediately gained at a successful level. If you have a new product or service, we would suggest you test the same market, at least a few times!

And if you’d like to ‘test’ Mill Street Treats, visit them in the beautiful #NorthernTier, or at www.millstreettreats.com!
Gretchen Kukuchka, Business Consultant

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