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#BusinessTipTuesday – we’re talking GROUCHES

It’s #BusinessTipTuesday at The University of Scranton SBDC – and we’re talking GROUCHES. Do you know one? Work with one?…Work FOR one? This Thursday, February 16, is national Do A Grouch A Favor Day. We’ll charge you with an idea at the end of this post – find a grouch near you and lend a hand (or an ear)…

Often at the SBDC, we get to know our clients well-enough that sometimes we are graced with hearing some really personal opinions of people – either what the boss thinks of their employee, or what the manager thinks of their boss. From a management standpoint, we can listen to help them flush out whether it’s a core issue that will affect the business or just a personality conflict that needs repaired. But really, it may just come down to someone having a bad day. Or someone going through a rough personal issue.

My friend and SBDC client, Kate Sholonski, author, coach, and leadership trainer at Triumph Leadership Group @Kate4Joy #TiogaCountyPennsylvania always says we need to look at two things when we meet up with a grouch:

  1. What may be going on inside of them to cause them to act out; and,
  2. What they may be afraid of.

Kate says a grouch is almost always “out of alignment” and “out of sync” from being “their best self”. She notes: “Being patient with a grouch as well as compassionate will go much further in assisting them to slow down, assess what is truly happening so whatever issue that is being dealt with can be managed more easily without hurt feelings, resentments and anger that can prolong the discomfort”. Seems simple, right?

Let’s wrap up by remembering that doing a favor IS compassionate, and can, perhaps, change a grouch for the better. If you try, they may, too. It’s the glass is half full approach – worth trying…

Gretchen Kukuchka
Business Consultant, Bradford, Tioga, Lackawanna counties
Small Business Internship Initiative @SmallBizIntern
The University of Scranton SBDC

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