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#BusinessTipTuesday – Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

With last week marking the first day of spring, many people find this season a good time for new beginnings. We start packing away our winter clothes and spring cleaning our houses but why not do the same with our businesses? Here are some ways to spring clean your business.

Host an event to get clients ready for the new season

Whether you have a clothing store or a plant nursery, your clients will be looking for new, refreshing items to add to their homes or closets. Host an even showcasing the trends in fashion or the newest floral displays. These events are a great way to see what your client or customers are looking or what they may be interested in. This is also a great way to promote your business. Share your event on social media or even offer a special promotion for the event. This will help with branching out your business and getting new customers.

Clean out your space

This is the perfect time to organize the storage closet, do a deep cleaning of the store itself, or reorganize your website and social media. Try heading into spring with a clean mind and clean work space. Take some time to rearrange your displays, clean out your inventory and decorate for spring! Refreshing your business image will attract more customers and help get customer ready for spring. Give your business a fresh start to this new season!

Plan for the summer holidays

With spring in full swing, that means Mother’s Day, graduations, weddings, and summer parties are right around the corner! Take some time to prepare for these events whether it be coming up with floral arrangements, ordering dresses for special events or purchasing items need for wrapping gifts. Trust me you will be thankful you finished those tacks sooner rather than later!

By Catherine Farrell
SBDC Intern
The University of Scranton Small Business Development Center

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