You are currently viewing #BusinessTipTuesday – National Student Employment Week – April 9-13

#BusinessTipTuesday – National Student Employment Week – April 9-13

This week, April 9-13, is National Student Employment Week, which is something that the Small Business Development Center fully supports. This semester alone, the SBDC is hosting eleven interns, all of which are students at the University of Scranton. This annual event is dedicated to recognizing the significant impact that student employees make on campus and in the surrounding community.

The SBDC offers a service called the Small Business Internship Initiative (SBII), which is a program that connects small businesses to prospective interns. SBII provides no cost, confidential guidance in determining whether hosting an intern is the right option to help grow your business, assistance in preparing internship descriptions, guidance with conducting interviews, and access to students at 11 local colleges and universities.

Why should you consider an intern?

Grow Your Business. Hosting an intern can help you expand the capabilities of your business and reach your goals!

Internships Help Identify Future Employees. Welcoming students into your business is a great strategy. If all goes well, you might want to bring them on as a paid employee when they complete their internship.

Interns Offer Fresh Perspectives. Adding an intern’s perspective to your team will keep you a step ahead of the competition. Their unbiased viewpoints can help you discover a more effective or efficient way of doing things.

Hiring an Intern is Affordable. Surveys show that 73% of student interns consider career advancement opportunities highly important, but only 41% said getting paid is. Offering your intern a reasonable wage as well as perks – like an invitation to networking events – could be more effective than offering solely a high wage.

Hosting an intern could be a great addition to your business. If you are interested in offering an internship, visit our website for more information:

Amy Simpson, Senior
WEC Intern
The University of Scranton
Small Business Development Center

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