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#BusinessTipTuesday – National Salesperson Day

In this week’s #BusinessTipTuesday, we recognize National Salesperson Day. The actual date for this day is on December 14thand celebrates many important aspects of running a business. Whether you are selling a product or a service from a storefront or you are going door to door to sell for your business, salesmanship is a key factor that leads to success in your business. While in some situations it may not seem like being a quality salesperson is vital to success, what is important to understand is that you are constantly trying to sell not only your product or service to people, but you are actually selling yourself.

Research today has found that aside from massive retail stores, the difference between selling your product or not can be how well you sell yourself to the person looking to buy from you. While the quality of your product or service is just as important, the key to cultivating a prosperous business is selling yourself. To be clear, that does not necessarily mean changing your personality to fit whoever walks into your store, but taking the time to listen to what they are really saying and connect with them on a level that gives them confidence in you and their purchase. Here are some ways that you can practice connecting better with your customer base and maintain a positive outlook within your store.

  • Listen to what your customer has to say:

The best way to connect with a client or customer is simply to listen to what they really have to say and providing feedback that will benefit them in the best possible way. This does not always necessarily lead to automatic results; however, when it does, you’ve not only provided value to that customer for the time being, you may have just added a reoccurring customer which is vital for the long-term success of your business.

  • Be clear on who you are what your business is all about:

As the owner of a business, it is extremely important to know exactly who you are and what you offer. This can paint an image for your customer base and if the image struggles to paint a positive and consistent picture, you may run into some issues. Of course your business will be in its own specific market; however, really defining what you and your business is all about can be much more than that. Finding that niche and staying true to it can go a long way in selling people on who you are and what you have to offer.
As you continue to develop or cultivate your business, keep this idea of salesmanship in the back of your head. It can really go a long way in the success of your day-to-day operations.

Sean Myers
SBDC  Intern
The University of Scranton
Small Business Development Center

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