You are currently viewing #BusinessTipTuesday- National Clean Up Your Room Day

#BusinessTipTuesday- National Clean Up Your Room Day

This Friday, May 10th, is “National Clean Up your Room Day” *long sigh*. A day that parents love but a date that children despise more than June 17th, which is “National Eat your Vegetables Day”. This marks the final opportunity to wrap up some major spring cleaning before the start of the summer. Picking up, straightening up, and cleaning up will deliver a “fresh, new” feeling and make your surroundings more pleasant. You can clean out cluttered spaces such as closets and organize messy basements. Sorting out your child’s keepings is also very helpful. For example, donating unused toys or clothes they have outgrown. 

            Having a clean space also helps improve your work environment and enhances your organization skills! Employers  view organizational abilities as the most critical set of skills that an employee can possess. The ability to stay organized allows workers to focus on different projects without becoming distracted or lost. This increases productivity in the workplace or just daily activities, as the individual is able to balance many tasks effectively and efficiently. Multiple ways of improving your organizational skills included the following: create a list or schedule, become an early bird, minimize interruptions, establish a filing system, organize your study/workplace, and make the most of your prime time [when you have the most energy]. 

            Cleaning your room also improves your health! Studies have shown that the people with the cleanest rooms tend to be the healthiest and most active due to their ability to fit exercise into their schedules [organization skills!]. Cluttered spaces increase stress and anxiety, along with reducing your focus  to complete important tasks. Therefore, a clean environment is beneficial for your mental health. Cleaning your room also helps you rest better believe it or not. A clean bed is a comfortable bed, nothing beats crawling into a bed with soft, clean sheets after a rough day. Having a clean room also helps clear your thoughts, so you are able to rest better rather than stressing out while trying to fall asleep. Consistently vacuuming and dusting improves air quality along with reducing viruses and bacteria that might be present. Being able to breathe will lead to a much better and peaceful sleep.  Finally, a clean room will give you a great start to your day. Easily finding  what you need for work, errands, or school allows a smoother start to your morning which is necessary for a productive day. 

          A clean room improves your organizational skills and allows you to have a cleaner, positive mindset. So tidy up your room not because you have to, but because it will make you a happier person. 

Jaclyn Riefenhauser
SBDC Intern
The University of Scranton Small Business Development Center
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