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#BusinessTipTuesday – Just Because Day

Yesterday August 27th, was Just Because Day and in honor of a day where you can celebrate anything in any which way, we are doing exactly that… Do something today just because! Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate in your business and how these celebrations will benefit you.
As a business owner, life can definitely be stressful. While others may be able to leave work at work and not bring it home, that is not necessarily the case for entrepreneurs and small business owners. So plan to get out of the office! Take the time either today or this week to just spend at least 24 hours not thinking about work. While that may seem impossible, plan for a time that you are the least busy and step out of the office to enjoy yourself. Go to your favorite location, spend the day with your family or friends, or just catch up on some sleep and use this time off to feel relaxed and refreshed!

Your employees are a vital part of your business so why not order pizza for everyone’s lunch or let them off a half hour early. By doing so, you show your employees you care about them and that you value their work. This treat can really make a difference in your employee’s week and I am sure they will be very grateful to you for providing them with something special this week! Morale will be up and boost your employees to be more productive.

Another way to celebrate Just Because Day would be to boost your marketing efforts. Create some fun social media contests or posts that really engage your customers. This could be a way to gain more likes for your page which means more awareness and hopefully more business/purchases. An idea would be to host a contest on your page by creating a post that customers must like, share, and tag friends to be entered to win something. This way your customer’s are involved, spreading the word to others, and are exciting for the chance to win something. A win-win situation!
As a way to work on yourself as a business owner, take a class or do some extra research. There may be something that you want to learn more about so you can then add a new product or service to your business. Why not use this day to just do it! In the end, the better versed you are or the more educated you are the better your chances are to succeed in whatever you do. Everyone can always learn and grow so do so and in turn advance your business.

Last but not least, network. Take the day to solely network with people in your area or industry. Something as simple as taking out someone to lunch could be huge for your business. It is the personable and extraordinary things that make people want to do business with you. Whether this networking leads to more customers, a new account, or a referral it all means good things for your business.

In this crazy and busy world take the time to do things just because! No matter the reason may be, do things today you would not normally do and see the outcome. I can bet they will benefit you, your employees, your customers, and your business. There is no better time to take action than Just Because Day! So get out there and do something!


Danielle Guari
Business Consultant
The University of Scranton
Small Business Development Center

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