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#BusinessTipTuesday – Goal Setting

It is officially 2019 and that means a new year filled with new opportunities. While its very possible that you have set some New Year’s resolutions or goals for yourself, have you thought about doing the same for your small business? Goal setting is one of the most important things to do when running a small business in that it allows your business to stay focused and continue growing. So why not start 2019 off right by setting your business up for success! Knowing where to start in goal setting can be overwhelming, so here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Focus on your Business Plan- If you don’t have a business plan already, get started on one this year! Writing a business plan sets a roadmap for your business and also allows you to communicate your ideas with others in an organized, readable fashion. If already have a business plan, make sure to revisit it and make any updates that you can. Looking it over from time to time can remind you of what your business’s priorities are. 
  2. Stay up-to-date with your customers – Customers are one of the most important aspects of a small business, so make sure you stay up to date with them and get to know them better this year. One way to do this is by sending out a survey to get their input on different parts of your business. By doing so, you can get a better feel for who your customers are, what they like or dislike, and why they choose to purchase your product or service. 
  3. Make more time for business strategizing – Running a business can get chaotic, but make sure to set aside time this year to focus on your business strategies. Think over what techniques have worked in the past and what haven’t, and use this information in moving forward. Adjust any old goals you’ve had, look at what goals you have reached, and determine which goals you’d like to focus on moving forward. 
  4. Keep others updated – Maybe its been a while since you’ve updated your business’ website or social media pages. This year, try to keep up with these platforms so that your customers are aware of the newest offers, deals, or news related to your business. Let them know of new items that are in stock or new services that are being offered. Keeping your customers in the loop keeps them engaged and familiar with your business!

Running a small business can be both exciting and overwhelming, but by setting goals and priorities, it makes it makes it that much easier to stay on track. Happy New Year and happy goal setting to you and your small business! 

Carolyn M. Giordano
SBDC  Intern
The University of Scranton
Small Business Development Center

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