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#BusinessTipTuesday- Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day it is worth taking a moment to consider the impact we have on our planet as individuals and businesses. While facing huge issues such as global warming and deforestation, it might seem like there is nothing that one person can do to help, but when it comes to reducing carbon footprints, every little bit counts. The following are some simple steps you and your business can take today to save money and decrease its impact on the planet.

Use the Cloud.Transition as much of your business away from paper as possible. Utilizing cloud networks and scanning necessary documents into the cloud can significantly reduce the amount of paper your business uses.

Eco-Friendly Paper Products. If you must print, make sure you are using eco-friendly paper. Post-consumer waste (PCW) paper is made entirely from the paper we put in recycling bins and uses much less energy and creates less waste than the traditional papermaking process.

Recycle. Recycle all paper scraps instead of sending them to the landfill. Provide bins to make it easy for your employees and customers to recycle paper, cans, and bottles.

Switch to CFL or LED lightbulbs.Though both have a higher purchase price than standard bulbs, they last significantly longer and use less energy. You might also consider installing motion sensors or timers so that the lights go off automatically if no one’s in the room.

Offer Reusable Products. Consider offering reusable products like reusable shopping bags. You can include a company logo on the bag to promote the business. Consumers are more likely to use green options that are given to them or are available for purchase at a low cost.

These steps apply not only to businesses, but to individuals as well. Take some time today to implement some changes in both your business and your personal life.


Amy Simpson, Senior
WEC Intern
The University of Scranton
Small Business Development Center

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