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#BusinessTipTuesday – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pretty in Pink, October is the perfect month to wear your favorite shade of pink while supporting breast cancer awareness! Not only can you support breast cancer awareness month, but your business can too. By having specials and offers in which a portion of the proceeds go towards fundraising for breast cancer, you can increase your sales, while simultaneously helping a good cause. Some examples of how you can gear your sales efforts towards breast cancer include:

  • Advertise that a portion of the sale (ex. 10%) will go towards breast cancer research
  • Customers wearing pink will receive a discount on their purchase
  • Hold a raffle or giveaway of some sort in which customers pay to enter, the money paid as entry fees will then be given towards breast cancer research

By donating a portion of your small businesses funds to a good cause, customers will take note and feel that their purchase is meaningful. Customers shopping at small businesses will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind these promotions, something that most big-chain stores cannot compete with. Lastly, if you have a physical location make sure to dress it up in pink to show your support! If you don’t have a physical location, add some fun pinks to your website, brochures, or flyers for the month!

Combining small business owners with the fight against breast cancer is an unstoppable combination!

Carolyn Giordano
The University of Scranton
Small Business Development Center




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