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#Business Tip Tuesday – National Working Parent’s Day

National Working Parent’s Day is celebrated on September 16thand it was created to honor all the hard working parents that provide for their families. Being the daughter of two very hard working parents that have provided for my sister and I our whole lives, I truly believe this day should be celebrated on a larger scale! So let’s take the initiative to thank our hard-working parents for all they do!

Parents all over work hard to ensure they can provide the best possible lives for their children, including the necessities and the luxury items such as toys and electronics most kids want these days. Parenting is tough as it is, so imagine throwing in a full-time job in there as well… Talk about balance! This #BusinessTipTuesday we are going to acknowledge work-life balance and some tips on how to handle both.

Work-life balance can be described as the state of equilibrium between employment duties and priorities and private lifestyle. The two should work together to complement each other, rather than one overwhelming the other. This is a topic that constantly is evolving as jobs are shaped in new forms and not the typical nine to five that people used to have; as well as the pace of life just seems to be getting busier and busier. Also, work-life balance means different things to different people. But overall people have a sense of what a work-life balance should be: work while you are at work and fill your time with activities or things you want to be doing when you are not at work. Now for small business owners and entrepreneurs, the lines can get a little blurry. As well, this work-life balance can be especially tricky for parents since the life part involves more than just themselves. But, there are ways to make sure that you are maintaining a work-life balance that you can get on board with. Here are a few tips and tricks to follow:

  • Whether you have a typical scheduled work day or you can make your own schedule, it is important that you have set times meant for work and work only. Having a schedule is helpful to keeping work and life separate. The moment you start answering emails at 11 p.m. or taking a phone call during your exercise class is when things start to get messy.
  • Although you want to keep things defined as work and life, it is important to unite your identities. Especially as a business owner and a parent you need to use skills from both parts of your life to be your best version of yourself and in turn you will create a strong front as both.
  • Enjoy time for social activities. Either its playing a game with your kids, getting a coffee with a friend, going for a run, or trying a new recipe make time for activities that are important to you. Remember to plan for these times each week because if you don’t they will often get pushed off. Having this time will refresh you and keep you focused.

Having the perfect work-life balance may be difficult but it is something to maintain. It may seem hard at times to balance it all but it can be done, and it is shown by all those working parents out there! Remember to thank mom and dad this week for not only caring and providing for you but for setting an example of what it is like to parent and be a productive member of society!

Danielle Guari
Business Consultant
The University of Scranton
Small Business Development Center

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